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This recipe is for 5 gallons (19L) of incredible wine!

10 Pints Agrimony
5 Gallons Water
10 Pounds Sugar
Pounds Sultanas
Teaspoons Tannin
½ Teaspoon Citric Acid
Teaspoons Malic Acid
Teaspoons Tartaric Acid
5 Ounces Lactose
1 Package Wine Yeast


1. Wash the agrimony in cold running water, put in plastic bucket, and pour over 2.5 gallons of boiling water. Cover and leave for three days, stirring twice daily. Put the sugar and chopped sultanas into another bucket, and pour 2.5 gallons of boiling water over them.
2. Add tea from agrimony to sultanas. Straining all pulp in nylon straining bag.
3. Stir in all other ingredients EXCEPT lactose. Cover primary.
4. Primary ferment for 7 days, stirring 3 times daily.
5. Siphon wine off sediment into glass secondary (5.0 gallon Carboy). Attach airlock.
6. Siphon off sediment into clean glass secondary at monthly intervals. Reattach airlock.
7. Bottle when the wine has been six months in the making, adding the lactose solution.
Use the leaves of the plant; the whole plant can be used to make tea (NB - it is illegal to uproot wild plants.