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Triple Scale Wine Hydrometer, 60degree F

Specific Gravity 0.990 to 1.170
Balling or Brix 0 to 38% sugar by weight
Potential Alcohol by Volume 0 to 22%

A hydrometer measures the weight of a liquid in relation to water and the weight of water on a SPECIFIC GRAVITY scale is expressed as 1.000. As you add sugar or other soluble solids the numbers after the decimal point will increase, i.e. 1.010 to 1.020 up to 1.100. The BALLING or BRIX scale expresses percentage of sugar by weight. The ALCOHOL scale is actually measuring potential alcohol. In order to determine the alcohol content of a wine, you will need to make two readings, one before fermentation commences and another after fermentation stops. Subtract the final figure from the first reading and you will have the alcohol content percentage by volume.

For example:
1st reading 16%
2nd reading 4%
Alcohol content 12%

Put a sample of must or wine in a hydrometer testing jar or similar clear glass container. Spin hydrometer to dislodge air bubbles. At eye level read the figures on the stem of the hydrometer where the surface of the liquid cuts across the stem. This figure will tell you how much sugar is in your must and the potential alcohol. You can then adjust the amount of sugar according to the type of wine you wish to produce.

Starting Gravity for Dry Wine 1.085 - 1.100
Starting Gravity for Medium Sweet Wine 1.120 - 1.140
Starting Gravity for Sweet Wine 1.140 - 1.160

 Temperature CORRECTIONS This hydrometer gives an accurate reading when the temperature of the liquid is 60'F. The following tables show how to correct for temperature difference.

Temperature in
Degrees F.
Subtract 1/2
Temperature of must is 84°F
Specific Gravity is 1.100
Add 1
Correction figure is 3
Add 2
Corrected Sp. Gr. is 1.103
Add 3
Add 5
Add 7